Member FAQs

What is a Robyn?

A Robyn is a Household Assistant who visits a home (typically weekly or more) to help families with household management.  Our most requested services are:  laundry, organization, housekeeping, shopping, and meal preparation.   You may have some consistent tasks as a Robyn, however, the tasks may change week to week.  A Robyn can spend from 2-20 hours a week per family.  Most families average 4- 8 hours per week (1-2 days per week).  

How does My Robyn work?

Easy peasy.  After you create a profile you can view your matches.  After you pay a one time matching fee of $29, you can search for Robyn’s who best match your needs.  You will be able to see an indepth profile about each Robyn and what selections they have made in regards to cost, availability, etc.  

We are so confident you will find your perfect match, we will refund your matching fee if you don't!  

After you identify your potential matches, contact them via email or phone which is listed on the site.  You work directly the Robyn in regards to per hour charge, payment details, and days working.  

Rest assured each Robyn has had their identity verified, completed a phone interview, and completed an extensive background check.  

What are the benefits of hiring a Robyn?

  • More "free time" by delegating the tasks you despise doing.
  • Feel confident that someone else is helping to manage your "to do" list.  
  • Find a reliable, responsible Robyn who you feel comfortable making a member of your family.
  • Find a new hobby.  Really?!?  Yes!

What are we looking for in a Robyn background check?

We are making sure there are no felonies (ever), no misdemeanors or infractions (other than traffic violations) in the last 10 years.

Let’s talk about hourly rate discussions….

Since you will be working directly with the Robyn in regards to hourly rate, definitely have that discussion as you are meeting with them for the first time.  Their range is on the profile and we can email you a recommended hourly rate for your area.  

Let’s talk about payment discussions….

Since this is typically a weekly service, payment should be made at a minimum weekly or every other week.  You should agree on the method and timing of payment with your Robyn .  Cash, check, or PayPal works great as well.  You can send money via Venmo or PayPal at the end of the week or two weeks for the hours worked. 

How do I pay for groceries or errands?

If  you are having your Robyn run frequent errands, you should agree on a payment method in advance.  Robyn's have been instructed to shy away from having to pay for groceries / errands and expect reimbursement.  They do expect the occassional emergency (<$20).    They will typically take a photo of the receipt and leave it with you.  

Here are a few options to consider.  

Option 1 – They provide you with cash / prepaid credit card (with appropriate buffer) to cover the expenses.

Option 2 – Once a relationship is established, a joint back account can be opened with one main family member and the Robyn.  The family will put money into the account and the Robyn can withdraw.  This can also be used for payment of actual services as well.   

Should I give my Robyn gas reimbursement?

Most errands and shopping is typically within a 10 mile radius of the home.  If Robyn's are driving more than 10 miles, it is not uncommon to ask for gas / mileage reimbursement above 10 miles.  They will either request a flat fee or a cost per mile.  The current rate for Nebraska is .54 per mile. 

When does my Robyn's time start when they are running errands on my way to the my home?

Your Robyns time begins when they enter the store / location the errand is being run. 

Communication is so important to help predict your needs.  Your Robyn may over communicate in the beginning to get a good feel for how you run your home.  

Can a Robyn handle only housekeeping or child care?

 A Mommy Assistant primarily handles light housekeeping and household tasks.  The price per hour for housekeeping only services may be slightly higher per hour.  As we do not focus on child care, when a Mommy Assistant is caring for children, that is her / his top priority.   

Are background checks mandatory?

Yes.  All Robyns on the listed website will have a background check . You will not be able to view Robyns who haven't had their background check reviewed.  The background check is completed through:  A background check includes, name verification, alias verification, SSN verification, DOB verification, current and previous address verification, current and previous phone summary, 50 state national sex offender search, and a national criminal records search.