About Us

My Robyn’s mission is to help families find affordable, trusted, reliable help around the house.  We pride ourselves in conducting a phone interview as well as a detailed background check on every Robyn you meet with.

Robyns are designed to come in to your home weekly, to help lessen the stress of your ongoing to-do list.  Each families’ needs are unique and it’s important you find the best person who not only can do the job, but fits well with your family.

Founder and CEO, Stephanie Feltus, wanted to achieve a better work life balance after having her first child.  Each provider had specific skills (child care, housekeeper, launderer), but none of them overlapped.  Stephanie developed a successful service based business in 2012, Mommy Assistant.  After wanting to help more families at an affordable price, Stephanie developed My Robyn to launch at a national level.   

My Robyn hopes to someday create a foundation to help military and single parent families get help.  How these families manage without help is amazing!